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Abuja, Nigeria

QA & Support Intern

We are looking for an intern to join our Quality Assurance and Support team for a one-year internship. The Quality Assurance and Support team is responsible for the final stage of Field’s product development process, both ensuring that the final product is working and polished, and ensuring that users can experience the product as intended.

During your one-year internship, you will be working with teams cutting across software engineering, data engineering, operations, and sales. As a QA and support intern, you will be integral in the end-to-end success of business objectives at Field.


  • Basic understanding of software development and related concepts
  • Experience working with Git and GitHub
  • Good troubleshooting skills
  • Good interpersonal and soft skills
  • Desire to work in a structured environment
  • Desire to learn different technical and non-technical skills.


  • Quality Assurance

    • Conduct quality assurance tests on Field technology products
    • Stress-test and find gaps and potential improvements in our tools
    • Field-test mobile tools and conduct on-site troubleshooting
    • Assess and green-light software releases
  • Support

    • Correspond with users on their issues and complaints
    • Troubleshoot issues and suggest practical solutions
    • Perform bug fixes
    • Perform data queries to draw insights and analysis
    • Conduct user feedback sessions and surveys
    • Analyze user activity to proactively identify user behaviors for design feedback

End Goals

At the end of the internship, we are confident that you will have honed your existing skills and picked up new ones to launch you into the next phase of your career while gaining valuable experience in the corporate world.

If this sounds like a place you'd like to come to work, we humbly suggest we could do some great things together. Please get in touch with a CV or portfolio.
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