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Customer Success Associate

The Support Team is the first line of contact with Field’s service users - both operational services and SaaS products - and a critical component of both ensuring clients get the most out of Field services, and in guiding the direction of product development with live user input.

The Support Team currently supports Field Supply SaaS users, and will grow to support all of Field’s services including Shelf Life, across all territories.

The Support Team is responsible for ensuring that Field’s Support Team operates at top capacity, coordinating team mates, designing processes, managing tools, and conducting field research.



  • Work with the QA and support team to develop Quality operative testing tasks

  • Carrying out QA/QC tests on all field supply digital products to release optimised versions to users

  • Writing detailed bug tickets, that are understood by the team to allow efficient debugging

  • Triage tickets with the team to understand the severity of issues

  • Constantly rotate testing of all Field supply products to give users best user experience

  • Constantly improving test matrices by including workflows of new features, adding edge cases to test to improve the quality of all field supply products.

  • Coordinating staging and production releases

  • Document all meeting with users and stakeholders

  • Technical Discovery of bugs

  • Data Ops activities for all field supply products

  • Location: Abuja or Lagos (travel encouraged but not required)

  • Language skills: English (fluent)


  • Supporting Users through workflows and processes. This will include communicating through various support channels e.g, Intercom, whatsapp, phone calls and when necessary using teamviewer to deepdive into issues reported by the user.
  • Document and reviews support tickets for triage
  • Report and log all queries.
  • Participation in and support of user training sessions
  • Support and carry out other tasks that may/will be required from time to time within the scope of the digital products team to which you are assigned.
  • Participation in execution of surveys, focus groups, testing sessions
  • Research reports to improve fields support services to customers and clients
  • Ensuring service availability according to defined Service Level Agreements
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