Growth by access

We've seen our clients grow, not by increasing costs for their patients, but by improving availability and running more efficiently. We believe in growth by access.

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Why Shelf Life?

Pharmacies and drug shops in emerging markets provide essential access to care yet often struggle as small businesses - with data management, quality assurance, working capital - threatening their businesses and reducing access for the patient.

Shelf Life exists to help these healthcare businesses sustain and grow. We put technology, analytics, capital, and expertise to work for our clients - making pharmacy supply chain a simple, affordable, powerful service for strengthening businesses and improving community health.

Tools to drive access to health at scale

Each client benefits the Field Supply platform, which Shelf Life uses to plan, purchase, deliver, and manage each Shelf Life product subscription.

This proprietary system from Field Intelligence allows Shelf Life to leverage one of Africa's largest health supply chain datasets, powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence to perfect its forecasts, optimize its planning, network manufacturers, distributors, financial institutions, and delivery agents to improve quality and reduce costs for all the entire Shelf Life community.

Learn more about Field Supply.