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Why Shelf Life?

The pharmacy supply chain is a critical part of the healthcare industry, but it's often overlooked. When medication isn't available, people can't get the care they need.

It's no secret that Africa is one of the world's most underserved healthcare markets. We know this because we've seen it first-hand, working with our clients to help them overcome all the challenges that come with delivering care in these settings.

Some of these challenges are common to any business: access to capital and skilled labour, management tools that don't fit your needs, and outdated technology that can't keep up with your growing business. But there are some unique challenges as well, like broken supply chains and poor stock management by private and public health care providers—all of which threaten the businesses of companies and reduce access for patients.

This is where Shelf Life comes in. We exist to help these healthcare businesses sustain and grow. We put technology, analytics, capital, and expertise to work for our clients—making the pharmacy supply chain a simple, affordable service for strengthening businesses and improving community health.

Shelf Life is here to help you grow your business.

The technology behind Shelf Life

The technology behind Shelf Life

Each client benefits from the Field Supply platform, which Shelf Life uses to plan, purchase, deliver, and manage each Shelf Life product subscription.

This proprietary system from Field Intelligence allows Shelf Life to leverage one of Africa's largest health supply chain datasets, powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence to perfect its forecasts, optimize its planning, network manufacturers, distributors, financial institutions, and delivery agents to improve quality and reduce costs for all the entire Shelf Life community.

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