At Shelf Life, we are committed to ensuring that pharmacies and drug shops always have the products they need to provide the best quality care to their communities.

Our services are pioneering new approaches to design, engineering, and enterprise to overcome the infrastructural, operational, and financial obstacles to access and the sustainable, equitable future it affords. We’re looking for the imaginative, adventurous, and talented from an array of disciplines to join us.

Data Engineer

We’re looking for a data engineer to help us build and maintain our suite of country-scale logistics and program intelligence systems.

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Fulfillment Partners

We are recruiting meticulous, dynamic individuals with an interest in logistics, supply chain, and healthcare to join us as Fulfillment Partners.

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QA Engineer

We’re looking for a QA engineer to lead our QA team in the development manual and automated tests for the data-heavy, mission-critical logistics and program analytics services which we provide to public and private health supply chains.

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