The Retail Pharmacy Revolution

The Retail Pharmacy Revolution

COVID-19 response

As a logistics partner to the primary healthcare providers of many, Shelf Life has put together some guidance and measures in this newsletter to our customers.

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Since 2017 we have helped pharmacies and drug shops grow over 25% by transforming how they stock their shelves. Shelf Life subscriptions make pharmacy supply a dependable, pay-as-you-sell utility and access to high-quality, affordable drugs as simple as it should be.

How does it work?
  1. Subscribe
    Subscribe for the products you want from our expert curated list.
  2. Get stock at no upfront cost
    We deliver the products to you at no upfront cost.
  3. Pay as you sell
    Only pay for what you sell. No revenue share or ownership stake. Just inventory.
  4. No need for ordering
    We automatically keep your shelves fully stocked with subscribed products.
Secure Your Business
Secure Your Business

Inventory Risk. For the products we manage on subscription, you pay only for what you've sold, not what expires or still sits on your shelf.

No Debt. We keep product available on your shelves as part of your subscription, so you don't need loans to finance your inventory.

Success Made Simple
Success Made Simple

Inventory Management. Instantly benefit from world-class planning, procurement, and stock-taking services to keep your shelves alive. No new software to install, no staff to retrain.

Logistics. We deliver automatically each week, no need to order. If you run out in between deliveries, we top up immediately, for free.

Grow Your Business
Grow Your Business

More Cash. Our supply planning is over 95% accurate and you only pay what you sell. With Shelf Life you miss fewer sales from stockouts, lose nothing from expirations, and have up to 30% more cash each month.

Custom Insights. Our advanced analytics give you recommendations on what to stock, how to price, and other strategies tailored to grow your business.

“Shelf Life has given me a cash cushion”

Shelf Life managing customers’ pharmaceutical supply has helped them build cash cushions, removing much of the stress around paying staff, renewing the lease, and investing in their own growth.

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