Shelf Life

shelf life helps pharmacies grow their business by improving access in their communities.

why shelf life?

NEVER MISS A SALE - No more stockouts. We stock your shelves and manage your inventory so can pay as you sell. With shelflife, limited working captial and logistics won't hold you back from serving your community. 

SAVE TIME - Offload sourcing, inventory management, and logistics to spend more time serving your customers and growing your business.

SAVE CASH - Guarantee you're always in stock and confidently expand your business with new items. Access discounted and stabilized prices and dynamic pricing to stay ahead of the curve.  


how does it work?

1. SUBSCRIBE - Subscribe to Shelf LIfe's selection of guaranteed authentic and price-stabilized pharmaceutical and other quality goods to sell from your store. 

2. RECEIVE - Our certified agents deliver directly to your shelves for free, unburdening you and your staff from sourcing, buying, transporting, merchandizing, and financing. 

3. PAY-AS-YOU-SELL - You sell, keeping your community healthy and happy. We charge only for what you've sold, saving you the upfront investment and sparing you the risks of expiration, recalls, and price volatility. 

🏥 for pharmacies

Whether you are a retail pharmacy or hospital, looking to grow or to simplfy, we can help. Through our powerful analytics and logistics systems, pay-as-you-sell offering and dedicated customer support team, find out what Shelf Life can do for your business: [email protected]


📦 for suppliers

Are you a manufacturer or distributor interested in supplying into the Shelf Life network of pharmacies? We take the inventory risk out of new product introductions and give you the visibility and market intelligence you need. Get in touch to find out how we can help you grow your business by accelerating access: [email protected]

let's get started

Pharmacies working with Shelf Life have enjoyed over 95% on-shelf availability since 2017 on hundreds of different products across dozens of therapeutic areas, saving an average of 4.8 million Naira per year in working capital. If you are interested in learning more, email at [email protected], find us on Whatsapp at +234 809 867 1746, or reach us directly here.

frequently asked questions

Do we have to hit sales minimums or certain targets to qualify?
No, SL does not interfere with your pharmaceutical practice. You reserve the right to use your professional judgement to make the best decisions about what treatment your clients need based on their prescription or Pharmacist’s recommendation. Our goal is a patient-centered access meaning we are trying to help you make the right medicines available to the right patients for the right condition in the right quality!
Do you service my area?
We are currently serving many cities in Nigeria and Kenya. No matter your location, if you’re interested, please fill out the contact form and let us know!
How do I pay?
We offer several, convenient ways for you pay, including bank transfer or scheduled direct debit using your bank card or mobile-money account.
How do you ensure my products are high quality?
We only source from high-quality, registered suppliers, perform our own assessments, and monitor the supply chain right up to your door to help you know you’re offering your customers only the best.
How do you manage this service?
We use our entirely custom suite of software and analytics tools to forecast demand and plan supply, orchestrate deliveries, guarantee low prices, automate invoicing, and support your total-business performance, including recommending new products and dynamic retail pricing. These are all services unique to shelflife and designed purposefully to help you grow your practice!
How often will I get deliveries?
The "onboarding" period provides weekly deliveries, then we adjust according to what works best for you from there.
What happens if I run out of an item before my next delivery?
Despite our best attempts to ensure constant supply, this may happen! If it does, your staff contact us (by phone, text, email) and we dispatch a "top-up" at no additional charge within the next 24-48 hours. Our system learns from these stock-out events, if and when they do happen, so your service continues to improve the longer you stay with us.
What products can I subscribe to?
We offer over 300 unique products, including the most important OTC and POMs that your customers need. We are always adding more quality products at competitive prices, so if you need products that are not yet listed, please just let us know and we will work on adding them! At sign up, you select an initial 100 products and we gradually scale up through your onboarding period. Completing your onboarding grants you unlimited access to our list.  
What will I pay?
You pay as you sell, so you only owe for what you've already sold, plus a small service charge. Payments are due within 3 business days from invoicing, which is typically 10 or 17 days from your delivery. We issue product price lists monthly, so get in touch to see this month's prices and learn more about our price guarantees.


shelf life ensures availability and controls costs - making it the fastest way for pharmacies to grow their business and improve access to medicine and other essentials in their communities.

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